The Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) is an online enterprise skills competition for high school students from around the world. It gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and experience of enterprise and business, by providing an environment where they can apply skills and improve their understanding in practical ways.

The 2014 GEC will take place on the 14th June and will take the form of a 12-hour challenge, which will be completed in groups of up to 10 eligible students. Students must be attending high school and born in 1996, 1997 or 1998 to be eligible for entry to GEC 2014. Only one team may enter from each high school.

On the competition day, the challenge is announced at the beginning of a 12-hour period. Teams must then work to create an idea, a prototype, a business plan, a video presentation and an optional Power Point/web presentation.

The work of each team is submitted via the internet to a panel of international judges, who look for the winning combination of teamwork skills, an innovative approach and an outstanding standard of product, prototype, plan and presentation.

For more information regarding the Global Enterprise Challenge and view previous entries please visit the Global Enterprise Challenge website.